About Us

Wild Wolf Entertainment, LLC is a privately owned company started in the fall of 2008 by J. Sean Collins to Create ,Publish, Produce and Market various forms of media under it's multi-brand names ... including but not limited to ..Comic Books , Toys , Games , Books, Movies, DVD's , Music, CD's , Internet Television , Multi-Media & Pop Culture tradeshows , ect. 

The Folks Behind the Grindstone

Wild Wolf Staff : 

J. Sean Collins - Managing-Member (Owner) 

J. Sean Collins has worked in the comic industry in one form or another for the last 10+ years. First as a Freelance artist, writer and later a publisher.  His most notable work being the self-published "Spirit of the Wolf" series originally under his Wild Wolf Studio banner in 2006. He eventually closed Wild Wolf Studio down in 08' and reopening as Wild Wolf Entertainment LLC in the fall of that year.  Sean continues to be a creative force in the industry along side his duties as Publisher of Wild Wolf.  He has also contributed artwork to various independent publishers most recently for Savage Mind Comic Studio in their Scarlet's Field Guide to Cryptids.  Constantly expanding his scope of interest, his recent published works are the e-books J.Sean Collins' Nightmares #1  & contributing the cover to Shining Comics #1. Other endeavours include film production, writing & directing, animation and stop-motion animation. 


D.E. Collins - Manager of Basic Operations

D.E. Collins has worked in the entertainment and publishing industry in one form or another over the last 20+ years. She was a DJ in the greater Cincinnati area in the 80's & worked for Cincinnati Recreation. A Singer she has preformed in several venues over the years, opening for Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys at one of them. After moving to southern WV, she worked with disadvantaged children for many years. She has contributed to and ghostwritten several books.  At her current position within Wild Wolf she helps run the day to day operation and does editing from time to time.


And some other folks who wish to remain nameless for shame "laughs"


Meet the Creators Behind Our Products:  


Aaron Smith: 

Aaron Smith is the author of the science-fantasy novel GODS AND GALAXIES, released in 2011 by Wild Wolf Entertainment. Many of his short stories have appeared in anthologies from Airship 27 Productions, including mysteries, crime stories, westerns, and three Sherlock Holmes stories. He is the author of the novel SEASON OF MADNESS,  which features Sherlock Holmes' companion Dr. John Watson. He has written short stories for the Pro Se Productions line of pulp magazines. Smith's next book, the vampire novel 100,000 MIDNIGHTS, will be out in spring of 2012 from Musa Publishing. Details on all his work can be found at his blog (Click Here


More coming soon..